Hello friends!!!

My name is Jenipher, and I'm having a Book Launch Blog Party to CELEBRATE my book i just finished writing AND illustrating!! Yay! And i would LOVE for your to join the party! 

It's going to be from May 5th - June 15th! There will be 6 different topics talked about, one each week that match the chapters in the book. [yay!]

Week 1 - Unpopularity (Starts May 5th) 

Week 2 - Being Yourself (Starts May 12th) 

Week 3 - Depression/overcoming emotion (Starts May 19th)

Week 4 - Body Image/eating issues (Starts May 26th)

Week 5 - Ambition aka Diving IN (Starts June 2nd) 

Week 6 - Gratitude and Thankfulness (Starts June 9th)


I would love for you to contribute! You could write [and/or doodle] during any of the weeks you feel compassionate towards! If you don't have a particular week you'd like to contribute to, i'll assign you a random week, but if you have the doodle [and/or writing] done before then, that would be amazing! I'm super open to anything you would like to write or draw about as long as it's encouraging - and if you have a story or something to share about your teenage years, that would be a splendid edition!!!!

Since any wonderful thing you draw or write will be SUPER inspiring, i truly believe that if you want to do something about 'body image' but aren't free to blog before or during "Body Image" week that it would STILL be extremely valuable content even if it's posted during a different week! 

If you could Blog/Twitter/Instagram/ANYTHING about your contribution and this problem that would be AMAZINGGGG!!!!!! AND I'll post all your links on my website so EVERYONE could visit all of your amazing words of wisdom!!!

Who's READY to party!?!? [me!]


PS: If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at Jenipherlyn@gmail.com 

I'm still working on pretty-fying the contributors page, but i am SO honored to have ALL OF THESE amazing people Contributing! 


Here are some Info & Banners to put on your blog for/with the week you're contributing! 

[i'm still in the PROCESS of making/tweeting them!]

“How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular SAVED My Life” offers an honest and encouraging view on topics such as depression and body image. The book explores the many issues that can start in childhood and follow us into adult life. This post is part of the DoodleDream* Blog Party.  Learn more — and join us! – by clicking here.

since the title is just WAY too long to write out every time, Jenipher [thats me!] has hash tagged her book, #DoodleDream 

The link to purchase the book directly from Jenipher is HERE. I've had multiple people ask if the book is available on Amazon and it is, HERE.